Sunday, June 5, 2011

Karanule Creek

After the punishment handed to us by the Simbu we were all hoping to find something road-side, nothing to committing and maybe even a park n huck. The usual evening rains were harder than normal so we figured there might be a chance of finding something. Mama Josephine said that there was a waterfall about 10km away that spouted into the Wahgi River and that sometime people jump off it, but "it's very high, and you might hurt yourself". So far if it wasn't going to kill us, wasn't too hard or wasn't impossible then it probably wasn't worth checking out. So we rigged up and made our way towards Gumine, due south-west of Kundiawa.

The boys chilling out on the back of the Landcruiser (p. Jordy)

After spotting a MASSIVE rapid on the Wahgi from about 3km away and checking out a scenic but unrunnable 80 footer, we sort of felt that we might as well keep driving and check out the country-side if nothing else. One thing in our favour was that all the small tribs we crossed were granite. After 20km or so we crossed a substantial trib worth further inspection, which didn't take long as there were two 15footers directly under the bridge! Quick scout to find a way out after the second falls and rock-paper-scissors put Barny at the top of a dodgy seal-launch and us on safety/photos.

Stoked to find a park n huck (p. Barny)

Barny First Descent of Mama Josephine Falls (p. Jordy)

And then the bottom drop (p. Jordy)

Shan spotting the entrance (p. Jordy)

Shan styling the second drop (p. Barny)

Me on the first falls (which I messed up) (p. Barny)

and the second falls (p. Barny)

Stoked with finding this little gem we returned to Kundiawa revived and ready for more. That evening we decided that we would head to the Western Highland, to Mt Haagen and then maybe check out the Lai and/or Baiyer Rivers. But that wouldn't end up happening....

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